22 авг. 2008 г.

First World information war

Leaders of the United States unleashed a "First World information war"

Saakashvili, supported by the United States had killed several thousand civilians South Ossetia!

Saakashvili posoveschavshis with the U.S. government has chosen to razlezaniya war most "convenient" time: Medvedev on leave, Putin - went to the opening of the Olympics in Beijing. In addition, the calculation seems to be built and the myth of the "conflict" of the Presidency of Russia. Deskat, Medvedev does not want to quarrel with "international community" and Russia "will give" South Ossetia.

At this time, the U.S. conducts an information war against Russia. U.S. media Saakashvili is trying to put a positive hero, heavily promoted the myth that vicious Russia has not not with this attacked the peaceful Georgia. U.S. wilderness in Georgia Russian TV and radio channels as well as blocking the site in English iternete. The U.S. government distorted information filters and Russian news sources act as host to U.S. and other countries.

The U.S. is not profitable to cooperate with powerful countries, U.S. leaders have long harbour and to implement plans silent division all major countries into small, insufficient autonomy, the warring among themselves and lizhuschie popular dollars. Thus, they will receive free commodity sources and cheap labor.

War is not the only Saakashvili agressorskaya their operation aimed at inciting interethnic strife, military action and as a consequence of the acquisition of territory to which they believe if they have purchased media like as not involved. Because of recent events even remember how they sponsored "Orange Revolution" inciting chaos and war aimed at seizing Ukraine. Such examples of veiled aggression, the U.S. very much, you can transfer all their posvetit than one book.

U.S. leaders have learned to skillfully handle the media, they have long been trying to rewrite world history in the light of benefit to them. American schoolchildren have long been aware of school textbooks that won the Second World War valiant Americans.

Their boxes on the situation in South Ossetia simply amazes his arrogance and unprecedented. And for seven, I believe that the date of commencement of war in South Ossetia, Saakashvili under the mask can be safely described as the start date of "First World War Information" launched the United States.

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